Monday, 2 December 2013

hiwi the kiwi

A few weeks ago, the Minstrel came to our school. He taught us lots about water safety and rules to use when we go fishing. he set us a competition of the best story to win a fishing rod here's mine
Duncan-Scott’s big fish!
“Got a bite,” yelled Duncan-Scott.
His dad came rushing over, but the time his Dad made it over Duncan-Scott had pulled up the most gigantic fish he had ever seen!

“WHAT!” yelled his dad. “How did you catch that?”
You see, Duncan-Scott and his dad had a bet and each of them thought they would catch the largest fish, and of course Duncan-Scott had just won.
“Oh man,” sighed Duncan-Scott.
“What do you mean oh man,” shrieked his dad. “ You just won our bet and caught us dinner for a week.” There was a pause.
 “I guess that’s true,” muttered Duncan-Scott,
“It will fit in the chilly bin,” mused his dad.
“It’s not that,” he said. “It’s too big and it’s probably pregnant.” Sure enough the fish was pregnant, and Duncan-Scott just saved its babies from

The end. J

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